Stamens are double-sided 0, 1x6cm, red

Product code: AR560-1
Size: 6 cm The thickness is 0.3 cm.
Вес 11 g

Categories: Stamens


Artificial flowers have already proven themselves in the interior decor, they were and will always be a fashionable accessory for decoration. For the production of artificial flowers, a variety of materials are used-fabric, polymer clay, wood, wax, leather, cold porcelain, foamiran, paper and even soap. Ready-made stamens are the most important element for creating artificial flowers, they allow you to give the flower a realistic look. Stamens can also be used as a decorative element of clothing, stage costume, costume jewelry, for creating wedding bouquets and accessories, decorating gift boxes and packages, creating wreaths, as well as as a decor for postcards, notebooks, albums and other works made in the scrapbooking technique.
Create masterpieces, please yourself and others!
Size: 6 cm

The thickness is 0.3 cm.

Вес 11 g