Set of double-sided paper Factory Decor "Botany exotic", 10 sheets, size 20x20 cm, 200 gr/m2

Product code: FDSP-02108
Plus a bonus cutting sheet. A set of double-sided paper 20cm x 20cm (8"x8") In a set of 10 sheets. Density 200g.sq.m. Without lignin and acid.
Вес 84 g
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Categories: Factory Decor, !!!МОРЕ, ОТПУСК, ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ


"Botany exotic" - The scrapbooking collection, which continues the botanical series of exotic flowers, lianas, palm trees and African landscapes filled the pages of this collection. If you have photos from exotic countries and you want to plunge into the hot atmosphere of Africa again, remember the bright colors of Thailand, dream about the future of safari - this collection is for you. "Botany exotic" for fans of the botanical style in the design of albums, notebooks, travel books, diaries and the creation of decorative items.


  • Plus a bonus sheet for cutting out.
  • Double-sided paper set 20cm x 20cm (8"x8")
  • There are 10 sheets in the set.
  • The density is 200g. sq. m.
  • Without lignin and acid.

Manufacturer "Decoru Factory", Ukraine.

Вес 84 g