Sheet for coloring with markers Fabrika Decoru "My little baby girl" size 30, 5x30, 5 cm

Product code: FDPC 2401
size 30. 5x30. 5 cm
Вес 20 g

Categories: Coloring sheets


Sheet (anti-stress picture) for coloring with markers and markers "My little baby girl"

It is intended for coloring with markers, felt-tip pens, gel pens for decorative and applied creativity. This sheet with drawn contours will be an excellent basis for the realization of your creative imagination, will give you the opportunity to try yourself in new types of hobbies or just help to relieve stress. You can use the finished work as a greeting card, make a cover or insert it into a photo album.

Size 30.5 cm X 30.5 cm.

Special paper for markers of archival quality, with a density of 250 g/sq. m.

Вес 20 g