White lace guipure, width 10.2 cm, cut 50 cm

Product code: 20289
width 10.2 cm, cut 50 cm
Вес 10 g

Categories: Lace


Lace can be used as a background element or as part of a composition, you can make bows (bows) from them, decorate the edges or corners of the work.

The lace can be glued completely or "pinched", it can be assembled on an elastic band, it can hang from the edge of the page, act as a tag (or decorate it)

If necessary, white lace can be tinted with strong coffee or tea (soaked in natural coffee, without sediment, for half an hour or an hour. Then it is dried and ironed), this gives the effect of aging.

In the scrap, lace is used in children's and wedding themes. They enhance the conviviality and elegance of the work.

width 10.2 cm, cut 50 cm

Вес 10 g