Sewing machine needles for leather and suede, size 90/14, 5 pcs

Product code: 104.90
size 90/14, 5 pcs
Вес 8 g

Categories: Needles


The leather needles are ideal for fine genuine leather and suede. The needles are very strong, and the tip is specially sharpened so that it does not pierce the material, but cuts through it at a slight slope. Do not use with textiles and artificial leather. Recommendations: * Always choose the appropriate thread number for each type and size of needle (see the recommendations from Klasse') * Regularly change the needles to achieve the best results in work Suitable for most modern sewing machines Bernina, Brother, Bernette, Elna, Husgsvarna, Janome, New Home, Pfaff, Simplcity, Singer, Toyota, Viking and systems 130/705H, 15x1, NAh1.

Manufacturer: Hemline

Вес 8 g