Floral Felt Needlework "White" size 50x50 cm 30g/m2

Product code: FLT(F)-30/05
size 50x50 cm 30g/m2
Вес 6 g

Categories: Floral felt


Floral felt is a soft non-woven translucent material that can be used for decorating flower bouquets, bouquets of sweets and toys, gift packaging, making topiary, decorating rooms, decorating postcards and crafts in the scrapbooking technique.
The advantage of felt over paper is that it is resistant to moisture and does not stain the water in which the bouquet is placed. The practicality, beauty and functionality of this material attract not only florists, but also people of other creative professions (decorators, designers).

This type of felt is an imitation of sisal fabric. The unusual structure of the canvas makes it an indispensable attribute in the work of florists. This felt will not only help to perfect the bouquet, but with its help you will easily and beautifully pack boxes, baskets, bottles, decorate showcases and festive events.

Composition: 100% polyester
Density: 30 g /m2
Width: 50 cm

Вес 6 g