FABRIKA DECORU crystal maxi deco-topping, 40 ml

Product code: FD-TOP-01
Volume: 40 ml
Вес 78 g

Categories: Topping


Crystal Deco-topping it is a glass ball with a fraction of 0.5-0.6 mm. It is made of silicon, aluminum, calcium and magnesium oxides. It has a high resistance to mechanical damage, is resistant to UV rays, is environmentally friendly. It is used in sand animation, as a topping for creating brilliant textures in scrap works, for children's creativity. It is environmentally safe.

Crystal deco-topping can be mixed with texture pastes and paints, getting new materials for creativity.

Features of use:

  • Do not give to children under 14 years of age.
  • The product is not subject to mandatory certification.
  • Made by order of TM "DECOR FACTORY".
  • Volume: 40 ml
Вес 78 g