Satin ribbon "Green", width 0.6 cm, length 5.6 m

Product code: HY006019
Width 0.6 cm, length 5.6 m
Вес 4 g

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Satin ribbons are a universal material and are widely used in various types of handmade work, in light industry and used in everyday life.

Advantages of satin ribbons:

- High-quality colored satin ribbons do not fade with time, do not lose color when washing, ironing or under the influence of sunlight.

- The tapes have a smooth, shiny surface. Therefore, they are often used in festive events and decorations.

- Easy to care for. They are washed and ironed without any problems.

- Non-capricious material.

Where are satin ribbons used?

-Brooches, elastic bands, hairpins, headbands, bracelets, necklaces, bow ties, ornaments in the form of bows, flowers for clothes, hats, shoes are made from satin ribbons.

- Used as an addition to floral bouquets and gift packages.

Working with satin ribbons is easy and pleasant.

Width 0.6 cm, length 5.6 m

Вес 4 g