Scrapbooking album Mr. Painter "Pink", size 20, 3x20, 3 cm

Product code: SCP-09-04
The cover is made of solid cardboard, covered with fabric, without a sintepon backing. The screw mount makes it easy to add new files. Ready-made scrap pages are securely protected to please you for many years
Вес 402 g

Categories: Blanks for albums, !!!new year


In the album: 10 transparent files, fastened with three screws for storing ready-made paper pages with a size of 20.3 x 20.3 cm.

A scrapbooking album with screws has a number of advantages:
- Ready-made pages are easy to insert and remove from files;
- Reliable fastening of sheets and covers on screws;
- Screw mount makes it easy to add new files;
- The spread in the album will shrink as a whole due to the tight screw attachment;
- Stacked in files, ready-made scrap pages are sufficiently reliably protected;
- The album cover is covered with textiles, which makes the album look very stylish.

Вес 402 g