1/2 Set of double-sided Fleur Design "Mr. Gray" paper, 12 sheets, size 15x15 cm, 190 gr/m2

Product code: FD1008215
12 sheets, size 15x15 cm, 190 gr/m2
Вес 53 g

Categories: Fleur Design, !!!МОРЕ, ОТПУСК, ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ, !!!new year


The set includes 12 double-sided sheets, 4 pieces of each design, including a sheet with cards, as well as a sheet with elements for cutting.  The density is 190 g /m2. 

The unique Mr. Grey, an exciting story allows you to plunge into the world of mystery and intrigue. 

Thanks to the unique design on paper, expensive watches, the machine will allow you to create a new, modern story about the mysterious Mr. Gray

Вес 53 g