Cutting out of cardstock FLEUR Design "Charm", size 30x30 cm, 50 pcs, density 300 g/m2

Product code: FD2077701
size 30x30 cm, 50 pcs, density 300 g/m2
Вес 34 g
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Categories: Fleur Design


Paper die-cuts for creativity.

Designed to give your works a unique charm.

Die-cuts are a cutting of paper of different shapes.

They do not have an adhesive base, but they are easily glued to the paper base using glue for working with paper, double-sided tape or bulk tape.

There are 50 cardboard die-cuts in the set. The density is 300 g/m2. Size from 2x2 cm to 5. 2x9. 8 cm

Вес 34 g