Dry paint "Magic Paint" FABRIKA DECORU, Yellow-green color, 15 ml

Product code: FDPM-23
Volume 15ml
Вес 18 g
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Dry paint Magic paint Yellow-green 15ml - special pigment powder in the form of a light, very fine powder, non-toxic. Designed for creating liquid watercolor paint, ink, colored texture pastes, gels, paints. It is suitable for both decorative works and traditional painting. It is used for application on paper, canvas, fabric, cardboard, wood or any other primed surface. The powder is perfectly soluble in water, acrylic medium, paint and texture paste.

Application options:

Option 1: apply a dry powder to the surface and then sprinkle water on top;

Option 2: first, wet the canvas, and then sprinkle the powder;

Option 3: dissolve the powder in a small amount of water and then work the same way as with watercolor or ink;

Option 4: for coloring, the powder can be added to medium, paint or texture paste.

The color saturation can be adjusted by changing the powder concentration. From one jar, you can get a palette from a dark, saturated color to a light pastel shade. The color of the label corresponds to the color of the paint that you will get as a result. The colors mix perfectly with each other, creating new shades and colors. After drying, they form a matte surface.

Terms of use and storage.

  • Do not give to children under 14 years of age.
  • Work in rubber gloves.
  • After finishing the work, wipe the jar and the workplace with a damp cloth, keep the jar closed.
  • The expiration date is not limited.
  • The product is not subject to mandatory certification.
  • Volume 15ml
Вес 18 g