Set of cardboard tags ArtUzor "I just love you", size 29. 5x29. 5 cm, 31 pcs

Product code: 931665
size 29. 5x29. 5 cm, 31 pcs
Вес 28 g

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How will the cut-down tags be useful in the work?

Tags have text fields and bright inscriptions in Russian, with which you can focus on the most precious memories or congratulations, make them more sincere and give them a finished, perfect look. Now every memorable occasion, a pleasant memory, a travel note, an important date, a festive wish will forever remain in your history.

What is remarkable about this set?

The cut-out tags from the collection "I just love you" are made in romantic pink tones with many original details. They will perfectly complement photo albums, luxury postcards, exclusive notebooks, stylish photo frames, collages and any gifts for your significant other. And what you write on the tag is a field for your imagination: there are no limits and restrictions in the world of creativity.

How to use cut-down tags?

To get started, you just need to squeeze them out of the cardboard base along the cutting lines, and then, easily and simply decorate your project with them, using ordinary glue or double-sided tape.

Вес 28 g