Set of double-sided paper SsgarMir "Simple Flowers", 10 sheets, size 20*20 cm, 190 gr/m2

Product code: SM2600016
7 sheets of double-sided paper, 3 single-sided sheets with gold embossing. Density 190g/m
Вес 86 g

Categories: SsgarMir


A set of thick (190 g/m2) double-sided paper with a size of 20*20 cm from the collection "Simple Flowers". 

This collection is perfect for works in the style of love story, as well as summer and romantic ones. Some of the sheets in the collection are made using gold foil, which gives the collection an elegant and refined look. The set contains 10 sheets of different designs, including 1 sheet with cards and inscriptions in Russian.

Вес 86 g